USAC! November 12th, KAIET AREITIO




Last Monday, Kaiet Areitio visited Jakintza. And here is the information we collected:
Kaiet’s hometown is Elko, Nevada. He showed us were it was on the map, and to give us an idea of the distances between Elko and other important cities, he explained that it takes 16 hours to drive from Elko to Los Angeles, 4 hours to Reno,  16 hours to Seattle and about 12 hours to San Francisco. The state of Nevada is approximately 7 or 8 times bigger than the Basque Country.  
Kaiet’s dad is from Barinaga, Bizkaia. Two years ago, after over 25 years living in the US, Santos Areitio (Kaiet’s father) became an American citizen. And the whole family celebrated, it was a big thing for them. Kaiet has got a brother, a beardman, his name is Sebastian. He is a mining engineer and works and lives in Alaska.  Kaiet’s mum is from Nevada, she is  a nurse. Kaiet has got a big white dog, her name is Kelly. She is his baby, he says. She stands up to his shoulders and they dance.  Kaiet’s mum doesn’t like his the dog because she makes holes in the yard and eats her flowers. She plays with the flowers and eats them afterwards. Kaiet doesn’t mind about it, he loves his dog.
He is studying History to become history Teacher. His hobbies are travelling, snowboarding, skiing. Kaiet and his friends go snowboarding to a really high mountain. Sometimes they go there by helicopter and snowboard. He also likes rock climbing and having barbacues with his friends. In Nevada, when bored, sometimes they like playing Blackjack. His favourite food is paella and his favourite colour is red.
His favourite music bands are: ACDC, Red Hot Chilly Peppers, Rise Against, Sugar Ray, Snoop Dogg, Rpac Queen, Blink 1820, Dropkick murphies, Nirvana & Berri Txarrak. He doesn’t understand the lyricks of Berri Txarrak but he likes how it sounds. Asier Illarramendi, the football player, is his buddy and he introduced him Berri Txarrak.
Elko is a small tiny town in the middle of the desert. There are deers, wolves, eagles...  it’s really pretty.
Kaiet studies at the University of Nevada. He showed us some pictures of the different buildings of it. There are about 5 restaurants. The most famous spot is known as The Quad, where we can find the statue of John Makie, a mining engineer who donated a lot of money to build the University. There’s also the only green spot where students gather and enjoy their free time.
We found really interesting that he works as a wild land fireman. He loves his job because he gets to help people. We saw pictures of different fires he’s helped to put out, in Mexico, Arizona and Nevada.
Kaiet is in San Sebastian with his 4 best friends. He is having a great time.  They’ve been to many different places around and they love it. They’re staying in the Basque Country until May 2013.
 Even though Kaiet’s whole family support Real Sociedad, he supports Atletic the Bilbao, as you can see in his T-Shirt. His brother hates sports, but just because Kaiet supports Atletic, to provoke him, Sebastian supports Real.  He said it is fine that our students support Real Sociedad as well. But then, with a mischievous smile, he asked: Who has more points at the moment?
Kaiet Areitio was very friendly and we had a great fun with him.  We hope he comes back one day, before he leaves for the US in may.
And finally, no, he has NO girlfriend at the moment.  Kaiet is free.

1.- Where does Kaiet’s brother live?
2.- Where does Kaiet work? Why does he love his job?
3.- What is he studying and where?
4.- Where is his father from?
5.- Who does Kaiet dance with?
6.- Why doesn’t his mum like his dog Kelly?
7.- What animals can you find in Elko?
8.- Kaiet has got a famous Basque friend: Who is he/she?
9.-Can you mention 3 of Kaiet’s hobbies?
10.- What’s Kaiet’s girlfriend’s name?


On November 5th, we had Kelly Peterson at school. She is 21 years old, and originally from Reno, Nevada. She told us really interesting things about Nevada. We saw photographs of her homeland and her family, friends and school in our digital board. It was amazing!
In Reno, it snows a lot, but not in las Vegas. It is a very deserty area. It never rains in Nevada. The weather changes a lot from one part to the other. There are no beaches in Reno.We saw a picture of Mount Rose (a mountain with the shape of a woman). In general, it is a dry land. There's a very common plant that needs no water to live, a bush that's found everywhere. In Reno, there are lots of Casinos, where people gamble (play for money).
Kelly Peterson arrived to Donosti on September 2nd. She is studying Business and Economics in the University of Nevada, and here, she is learning Spanish. During these 2 last months, she has travelled to Germany, Dublin and Paris. She loves intercultural experiences!
She has got a brother who is one year older than her. Her dad and brother teach skying in Mount Rose. Her mum is a nurse. Kelly started skying when she was only 4 years old! She has got two pets: A dog and a cat. She loves her dog the most, it is a yellow labrador. She loves her cat too, but, she said that sometimes, it is a bit mean. 
Kelly's hobbies are: Arts & Crafts, making bracelets, playing and watching succer games, skying, biking, baking, and a long etc. Her favorite color is lime green, she loves mexican spicy food and she listens to Hindi music. She plays the flute.
At 21, Kelly is already working. She has got 2 jobs. During the school year, she works at BJ's, a Take Out restaurant and brewery (they make beer) and in summer, she works in a Summer Camp as a counselor.  
She showed us photographs of the school and college in Nevada. When she asked about the differences between the basque schools and schools in the USA, our students answered that in America students have lockers while here we haven't any place to keep our things. Then, she explained many aspects of the school, and we found it really interesting:  The Dances (3 or 4 every year) are parties to celebrate different events during the school year: Everyone attends the party dressed up and with a date. Normally, the boy invites the girl, but there is a dance where the girl invites the boy. These are some of the dances she explained: The Homecoming (where one of the girls is chosen Queen of the Dance), the Senior Sunrise and Sunset, etcetera. The day of the Graduation is also very important for them, we saw some photographs of her graduation. 
Nowadays she is in college, studying Business at the University of Nevada. We saw photographs of this University, it looks very nice, huge and very well organized. It was built 5 or 6 years ago, so it is new.
Our students asked her about sports.  They mostly play basquetball, American football and succer. Their mascot is a wolf named Alphie.
And finally, our students as usual asked her if she had a boyfriend, and she answered that not at the moment. Who knows? She may fall in love with a basque boy and stay in San Sebastian for good!
Hey! I almost forget! Our students helped her choose a basque name. So for us, from now on, Kelly Peterson is ALAITZ BENGOETXEA.

Answer to the following questions:

1. How old is Kelly?
2. Does it rain a lot in Nevada? How is the weather?
3. What is Kelly studying at the moment?
4. What countries has she visited in Europe?
5. Where does she work?
6. Has she got any pet?
7. Is her brother older or younger than her?
8. What's her favourite colour? And her favourite food?
9. What mascot do they have at University?
10.  What is a Dance?
11. What's her new Basque name?

Soon....... USAC!!!

This year, like last year, we are going to have international people in Jakintza. Every monday in november we are going to receive students from different parts of The United States of America. They are going to tell us how they live in their country, and I'm sure that our students will have lots of questions for them.

Remenber last year?


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